The more token has liquidity - the least efforts it takes to a person to buy or sell token.
You can earn on giving other people possibility to easily buy and sell $FLRBRG
Keeping $FLRBRG in the Liquidity Pool isn't just about earning commissions on trades; it also provides an opportunity for you to earn through monthly competitions.

By adding and maintaining liquidity in the Burger Full Range Liquidity Pool V3, you become eligible for a chance to win 100,000 $FLRBRG tokens each month.

The top 5 participants will be selected randomly on the last day of every month.

The next reward day is on
Liquidity Holders Leaderboard
Be a holder in FLRBRG Full Range Liquidity Pool V2 of at least $500 of FLRBRG and participate in the prize pool of
Mega Money Drop for Holding $FLRBRG in V2 Liquidity Pool
A special reward for liquidity pool holders is a set of unique valuable Burger NFT

Holders of these special NFT are entitled to visit maestro Beeple at his Art Studio in Carolina, USA

Last day of every month 3 special NFT randomly given to those who held during entire month more than 10 million FLRBRG in the liquidity pool
NFT for $FLRBRG Liquidity Holders
Adding to the Burger Liquidity Pool V3 is an amazing way for you to earn on every day $FLRBRG token trading.

The current V3 pool is set at a 1% commission from the daily trading volume. This 1% is shared among those who provide liquidity at the current price range.

Safe and secure: You can withdraw your tokens from the pool, along with earned commissions, anytime you want.
1% from Daily trading volume
September 30th, 2023
What you need to do:
  • Hold it in Full Range V2 Liquidity Pool (how to do it)
  • Do not move $FLRBRG during the campaign.
  • Follow AirdropHunter Twitter Account
  • Follow FLRBRG Twitter Account
  • 3 snapshots are to be made on random dates from September 21st till October 20th, 2023.
  • Every day of your holding is accounted to define the reward.
  • The longer you hold the more reward you will get.