FLRBRG Lottery Rules

Welcome to the FLRBRG Lottery: Where Winning is Guaranteed Fair!
Provable Fairness and Automation

Our lottery runs on provable and verifiable randomness from Chainlink (https://docs.chain.link/vrf/v2/introduction), ensuring every draw is fair, transparent, and in the best trustless manner. Chainlink Upkeepers (https://docs.chain.link/chainlink-automation/register-upkeep) automation keeps things smooth and reliable – be sure that the raffle will happen, at the same time, with no human intervention.
How to Participate

  1. Players purchase tickets using $FLRBRG tokens at a set price to join either the Daily Raffles or the Weekly Jackpot when it is live on Sundays.
  2. Daily Raffles are open 24/6, while the Weekly Jackpot is available every Sunday (from 0:01 am to 11:59 pm PST).
When you buy a ticket, you're in for the next draw. Winners are picked daily at 00:00 PST for the Daily Raffle and every 7th day for the Weekly Jackpot.
Contributing to the Prize

With every ticket purchase:
  • 20% goes to the Treasury balance.
  • 10% is added to the Weekly Jackpot.

Another 10% contributes to the burning of $FLRBRG tokens, forever locking them in the Dead address balance.
Boost Your Chances:

Multiple tickets increase your chances of winning. Our dynamic probability calculation adjusts based on new and existing players.
Stay Informed

Check out the recent winners of the Daily Raffles and the lucky champions of the Jackpot. You'll see the tokens they've won and the odds they had to claim victory.
Compete to Be the Best

Keep an eye on the top 4 players with the highest odds of winning in each Daily Raffle.
Keep the Excitement Going

You can buy more tickets anytime during the 24-hour period to enhance your winning odds.
Join us in the FLRBRG Lottery, where fairness, excitement, and winning go hand in hand! Good luck!